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the outdoor (UP- FOUR. THE HERALD- -JOURNAL, LOGAN, UTAH, FRIDAY, JULY 22, 1932. SOCIAL CLUB NOTES Bridge Luncheon At Bluebird Thursday Miss Mae of Los An geles, who (he sum Edwardian mer 'in Logan with her mother Mrs. William Edwards, was hos tess at an attractive bridge lunch eon Thursday afternoon at the Bluebird, in compliment to he house guests, Mrs. Cary Snoddy and Mrs.

Robert O'Neil of Valejo, Calif. The guests were seated at smal tables centered with bouquets 0. gay summer flowers. Covers were marked for twenty. Contract, bridge high score followed prize lunch WELL won by Mrs.

W. W. Merrill and the all-cut prize was won by Miss Frances Barber. Mrs. Snoddy ano Mrs.

O'Neil were presented with guest prizes. Parties Honor Logan Visitor Mrs. John Johansen of Taber, Alberta, Canada, who is visiting in Logan with relatives ANC friends has been the motif for many delightful socials during het stay. Sunday morning a breakfast party was given in her honor by and Mrs. A.

A. Scheby at their home. Covers were marked for ter guests. Mrs. Johansen was the honored guest at dinner Sunday oven by Mr.

and Mrs. N. J. Larsen. Yellow rose buds and tal yellow tapers formed the center piece for the table.

Nine guest. were included. Mr. and Mrs. E.

Jesson enter tsined at a canyon party at thei. summer camp Sunday afternoon Tuesday evening a card party wat riven by Mr. and Mrs. A. C.

Vigt at their home honoring Mrs. Jo hansen. A late supper was served following the card games. Mrs. Johansen WaS the moti: For a tea party given Wednesday afternoon, by Mrs.

H. D. Hanser at her home. Visiting and musi were enjoyed after which lunel was served. Six close friends 0 Mra.

Johansen's were included. Hostess At Social Fete Mrs. J. H. Fuhriman and Mrs Carl Leonhardt entertained Wed deaday afternoon at the home of Mrs.

Fuhriman in compliment to Mrs. Rose Husbeck of Watson tille, Calif. The following program was givPiano solo, Mrs. E. F.

Blotter vocal solo, Mrs. Eliza Righv, 20 campanied by Mrs. Rose Shank; domic speeen and reading, Mrs Julia Alder anodes, Mrs. Susan swiss Mrs. Rose ashbeck.

After joyed. the, program visiting was living rooms wert corated with mid-summer flowdainty lunch was The guests were Mrs. served, beck. Mrs. E.

F. Blotter Mrs Eliza Rigby, Mrs Rose Shank, Julia Alder, Mrs. Susan Schiess, Mrs. Eliza Janes. Rosena Sterling, Mrs.

Rachel Christensen and Mrs. Elizabeth Ruegnegger. THESE TEA AND KITCHEN TOWELS HAVE 'PERSONALITY' Couple Married THE WOMAN'S In Logan Temple The marriage of Miss Lois Lewis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.

C. Lewis Douglas Petersen son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Petersen of Hyrum was solomnized at high noon in the Logan teraple Thursday. The ceremony was performed by President Joseph Shepherd.

A wedding breakfast was served at the home of the bride's parents after the marriage. A color scheme of pink was carried out in the decorations for the table which was covered with a cluny cloth over pink. Shell pink rose buds formed the centerpiece. Mem bers of the two families were ineluded. Mr.

and Mrs. Petersen were guests at a dinner given at the Lewis home Thursday evening before leaving for a wedding trip Several close friends of the couple were present. Mr. and Mrs. Petersen will make their home in Logan following a short trip.

AL KIE OPICS CAPITOL THEATER That a beauty winner's life is far from the bed of roses so often pictured forms the motivating thread of "She Wanted A Millionaire," Fox film co-featuring Joan Bennett and Spencer Tracy, which opened at the Capitol Theater yesterday. Completeness of detail in presenting the heroine's life from the time she quits work as a machine worker in a factory to go in quest of the Atlantic City Beauty Contest distinguishes the picture throughout. Nor is the dramatic content slighted for pure spectacalar display. As a vehicle providing ample opportunity for lavish, eye-compelling effects, yet retaining the emotional qualities necessary for entertaining drama. "She Wanted A Millionaire" is unique among pictures of the curcent season.

Joan Bennett, as we girl whose childhood poverty leads her to determine to marry a millionaire, is telightful as well as entirely plausible in the role. Her lovely grace and charm, especially when she competes with the scores of other follywood beauties for the coveted itle of Miss Universe, was never shown to better advantage. And the dramatic tensity of the plot provides her witn the emotional situations SO uear to the family of Bennett. CONTRACT BRIDGE Article No. 40 BY WM.

E. McKENNEY Secretary, American Bridge League It seldom pays to finesse your partner's opening lead. You will that I do not say "never" because at some time it is necessary to deviate from standard convention. other, And, while in the following hand I am going to give you an example of such a deviacion, 1 also want call your attention to the fact that there is another interesting problem in its play. A 10-9-5 VA-K-Q-10-4 10-5 49-5-3 A K-Q-3 A NORTH 9-6-5- 2 3 WEST EAST J-8-2 Q-7 9.4-3 Dealer Q-J-6 8-4 SOUTH A 8-6-4 48 The Bidding South has 110 biddavie suit, but has every suit stopped, therefore his proper declaration is one no trump.

This West would pass. North would be justified in jumping to three no trump which would become the final contract. The Play West's opening lead is his fourth best diamond- the six. The eight is played from dummy -now by the rule of eleven East knows that South, the declarer, holds only one diamond higher than the six spot, and that diamond must be an honor. Otherwise, if West held the king, jack and Len of diamonds, the jack would have been the proper opening.

The general rule is not to finesse your partner's lead, but in this case should not go up with the ace because if he does he will hold trick and will have lead the queen of diamonds which the declarer will again refuse to win. Declarer will win the third of diamonds and then the round three no trump cannot be stopped. LE South's hoiding is either the jack or the ten of diamonds, the queen will canture it, while if it is the king, East is going to put DANCE CE at the New Open Air Dance Pavilion at LEWISTON SATURDAY, JULY 23rd Try out the smoothest floor in the valley Men 40c Ladies 10c day, I discovered the tea towels and finger towels illustrated here, which can be purchased, wrapped in individual packages containing a set of three towels, with sufficient embroidery floss to complete the designs which are each towel. They are made of fine handkerchief linen in green, maize and orchid, and are completely finished with white borders attached with hemstitching and two-tone hand-drawn figures. The amazing part of it is that the set of three towels, containing everything necessary to complete them, can be bought for less than a dollar.

The fringed linen kitchen towels are adorable. They, too, can be purchased in sets of three for about a dollar. They are made of oyster linen woven with three-tone ombree shaded borders one towel in blue, one in gold and one in greenfinished with woven fringes. The package also contains sufficient embroidery floss to complete the design and in fact, even the needle with which to complete these towels. FLAPPER FANNY SAYS: BY CLAIRE Written for Herald-Journal and NEA Service Since being modern these days means being strictly feminine, and since femininity demands individuality, Young women everywhere insist on expressing their own personalities in their wardrobes.

Romantically, they are like their pre-war sisters, working away during lunch hours, while waiting for their boy friend, or while listening to their favorite crooner, on those precious accessories for the "hope chest." However, they are more fortunate than their Victorian mothers. Today it is not necessary to spend hours shopping around for the material, or carefully tracing designs, or matching silk threads, because manufacturers and department stores have simplified things. One can walk into any art needlework department or gift and find interesting needlework gadgets the home, all ready-wrapped. shop, Tea Towels and Finger Towels For example, while shopping around the other Couple Married In Logan Saturday The marriage of Mist Edna Dagsen of Hyrum and Marrius Camoreaux of Preston, Idaho, took lace Saturday in Logan at the home of Mr. and Mrs.

H. L. Walford. The ceremony was performed by Bishop Olof I. Pedersen in the presence of the immediate members of the families.

A wedding dinner was served for the young couple. after the marriage. Bridge Follows Dinner Party Mr. and Mira. George Wilkinson presided at a prettily appointed dinner party at their home Thursday evening.

A bouquet of lavender and yellow summer blossoms formed the table centerpiece. Covers were marked for ten guests. Bridge was played for the remainder of the evening following dinner. Prizes W. E.

were won Skidmore by Mr and Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Anderson.


ELLIOT W. July Clearance to 8 "The Store Where a Sale Means Greater Values" OUR STOCK IS COMPLETE WHICH ENABLES YOU TO HAVE YOUR CHOICE 1 E. W. ELLIOT CO. REG.

U.S. PAT. OFF. CLADYS Many a friendship has been split by a wise crack. Sister Honored At Card Party Mrs.

Otto F. Oskar was hostess ac an attractively arranged party at her home Wednesday afternoon in compliment to her sister, Mrs William Lambrose of Long Beach, Calif. The afternson was spent ing cards after which dainty refreshments were served. The serving table was centered with 8 green bowl filled with orange marigolds and the ends matching holders with orange princess candles. were marked for fourteen guests.

Card prizes were awarded to Mrs. John Wasden and Miss Dorothy Olsen. OVER STOLEN VIOLIN SAN ANTONIO, July 22 M. B. Taft and his wife Mildred have filed suit for $5,000 insurance on a $15,000 violin reported stolen from their home here.

violin was made by Ruggieri, in Italy. The Sun Insurance company, of London, is defendant. ATTEND OUR July Clearance of "Fashion Plate" "Wonderful Shoes for Wonderful Girls" Includes all "Fashion Plate" Pumps, Straps, Ties, Sandals. Medium or high heels. Regular Regular to $8.50 $495 $8.50 Black Blue White Brown All Beige "Fashion Plate" Footwear, regular to Sale $3.00 Pair Peterson's Shoe Store 73 N.

MAIN 53 Years of Quality Footwear" LOGAN MRS. the declarer up against a real problem, so the proper insta to the first trick is the queen of diamonds. South cannot refuse to win that first trick or he may never get his king and now you see, when he wins that trick with the king of diamonds, East is going to be able to put his partner in the lead again. Deciarer can now run oft three spades and probably take the club finesse which will lose to East. Then East and West will cash feating the declarer's contract.

But here is an interesting problem that I think you will enjoy. Let East play the queen of diamonds to the first trick and have South win it with the king, and see if you can still make three no trump with the South hand. I will give you this tip- -you RULA C. PITZER Editor must return your opponents' suit at once. 1932, NEA Service, Inc.) (Copyright, HADLEY TO LEAD PHILADELPHIA, July 22 Henry Hadley, one of America's foremost composers, will conduct the Philadelphia orchestra concerts in Robin Hood Dell, Fairmount Park, during the last weeks of July.

BOOST COAL HARRISBURG, July 22 (LP. -Statistics of the State Department of Mines showed that 75,000.000 tons of coal, or 80 per cent the of total bituminous coal output in the state, were produced with the aid of mining machines during 1931. Four Big Rodeo DANCES OLD MILL SATURDAY, JULY 23 Perfect Dancing Under That Gorgeous Old Moon! GRAND MIDNIGHT FROLIC SUNDAY. JULY 24 at 12 Midnight Just the Place and Time to Start Your Rodeo Celebration! TWO MAMMOTH RODEO DANCES MONDAY, JULY 25 TUESDAY, JULY 26 Dance to that Matchless Music of Wilburn Wilson's OLD MILL Orchestra in the Most Romantic Dance Place in America! Canyon Frolic For Group Members of Phi Delta Pi fraternity enjoyed a watermelon "bust" and wiener roust Wednesday evening at the City park in Logan canyon. After the picnic the remainder of the was spent playing games.

evening, Green and Miss Venice Carlson were in charge of arrangements. Other members present were Misn Lilly Nielsen. Miss Ruby Nielsen, Miss Winona Hansen Miss Inez Lee, Miss Laura Lee Parker and Miss Ruth Wiser. Two Tables Of Contract Bridge Mrs. George Wilkinson entertained at a bridge luncheon at her home Wednesday afternoon.

Luncheon was served at one large table centered with a fragrant bouquet of mid-summer flowers. Covers were marked for eight guests. Contract bridge followed luncheon and prizes were awarded to Mrs. A. 0.

Anderson and Mrs. Roland Emmett. Capitol Today Saturday She Wanted a Millionaire with Joan Spencer BENNETT TRACY Una Merkel, James Kirkwood Dorothy Peterson Directed by John Blystone FOX PICTURE Coming Sunday! "WASHINGTON MASQUERADE" for dishes, too. Procter Gamble HOUSEHOLD SOAP Women said- XYDOL OXYDO! You can't have snowy white MORE SUDS MEANS clothes without rubbing EASIER ON LESS WORK BUT they hadn't tried the New Oxydol that makes more suds MADE BY THE MAKERS OF IVORY SOAP REG, U.S. PAT.

OFF, Richer, longer lasting suds -that's why the New Oxydol can rubbing safely i is float needed. dirt out Oxydol of suds clothes don't and collapse hold it and out let so the no OXYDOL dirt fall back ou the clothes. Rinses clean, softens water. THE COMPLETE for dishes, too. Procter Gamble Fine HOUSEHOLD SOAP Schilling, a lea Schilling Schilling Iced Tea is fragrant, fresh, full of flavor -not merely tea-colored water, That's because Schilling Tea is kept fresh, sealed in vacuum like your coffee.

Chilled fragrance Kodak Six-16 the Smallest Roll Film Camera ever made for its Picture Size. Kodak Six-16 is the smallest camera ever made for roll film. It is more compact, more efficient, simpler to use than any previous model. The film spools are smaller, too all metal, carrying eight exposures instead of six. But, to appreciate fully the many fine points of this new camera, you must see it for yourselt.

We have a complete selection here at the store. You pay no tax; Eastman pays it. Cardon Jewelry Co. 33.

The Herald-Journal from Logan, Utah (2024)


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