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With their convenient exchange program available at retailers nationwide, Blue Rhino has become the leading consumer brand for propane tank fueling of backyard barbecues, patio heaters, fire pits, and other leisure activities. But with fluctuating propane prices, what can you expect to pay for Blue Rhino propane tanks and exchanges?

This comprehensive guide provides in-depth analysis of Blue Rhino propane tank sizes, standard pricing, cost factors, typical runtimes per tank, retailer availability, savings tips, and comparisons to other tank brands on the market.

Whether you need to stock up for an upcoming outdoor entertaining season or simply exchange an empty tank for your next family barbecue, understanding Blue Rhino propane costs ensures you can readily power grills, heaters, fire features, and more without breaking your budget.

How Much Does a Blue Rhino Propane Tank Cost?

New Blue Rhino Propane tank pricestypically run$50 to $65for a filled, ready-to-use standard 20 lb. cylinder. Larger 30 lb. tanks average$70 to $90 newfrom most retailers.

Propane tank exchanges done by swapping out an empty tank for a filled replacement cost on average $20 to $25for standard 20 lb. cylinders. Exchanges represent over 50% savings compared to new tank purchases.

Regional prices for both new tanks and exchanges vary based on the wholesale costs of propane in your area. But the exchange model makes Blue Rhino propane economical for casual backyard use.

At Ralphs, the cost of a Blue Rhino Propane New Tank Purchase is $59.99.

At Farm Store, the cost of a Blue Rhino Propane Tank Exchange is $15.99.

H-E-B offers Blue Rhino Propane Exchange Tanks for $20.72.

Kroger, on the other hand, offers a Blue Rhino No Exchange Propane Tank at $59.99.

Blue Rhino Propane Tank Sizes and Specifications

Blue Rhino offers several standard tank sizes and capacities to suit different home and small business propane needs:

  • 20 lb. tank– The most common size used for backyard grilling and small patio heaters. It measures 18 inches x 12.5 inches and holds approximately 17.5 lbs. of propane, providing 188,000 BTUs when full.
  • 30 lb. tank– Ideal for larger grills, fire pits, and multi-burner heaters requiring extended runtime. It measures 19.1 inches x 15 inches and contains around 27 lbs. of propane, providing 293,000 BTUs.
  • 40 lb. tank– Made for major propane appliances like pool heaters, RV travel, and medium commercial use. It measures 24.5 inches x 12.5 inches and holds 33.3 lbs. of propane, providing 388,000 BTUs when full.

All Blue Rhino tanks include an OPD overfill protection safety valve, propane hose adapter, and have a 10-year warranty. They can be refilled approximately 12 times before requiring tank recertification.

Factors Affecting Blue Rhino Propane Pricing

Several factors influence propane tank costs at the retail level:

  • Seasonal demand– Propane prices tend to rise in peak winter months when heating use surges, as well as peak summer grilling season. Off-season sees the lowest prices.
  • Geographic location– Propane costs fluctuate by region based on local supply and demand. Urban areas tend to have slightly higher market pricing.
  • Retailer pricing– Each retailer decides on exchange fees and new tank margins, so prices can vary across stores. Comparison shop for the best deals.
  • Wholesale propane costs– The base cost of propane gas as a commodity influences pricing. Market fluctuations in supply and oil prices change rates.

Where to Buy Blue Rhino Propane Tanks

How Much Does A Blue Rhino Propane Tank Cost? - ThePricer Media (2)Blue Rhino propane tanks are readily available at most major national retailers including:

  • Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, Target, Menards, Costco, Sam’s Club
  • Ace Hardware, True Value, Do it Best
  • Kroger, Albertsons, Safeway, Publix, other grocery chains
  • Gas stations, convenience stores, sporting goods stores

Blue Rhino’s wide retail availability makes exchanging empty tanks fast and convenient without the wait times of regional propane delivery. Hardware stores, gas stations, and grocery outlets offer quick propane stops to keep your summer barbecues and winter heaters running. Price compare options across local retailers.

Blue Rhino Vs. Other Propane Tank Brands

AmeriGasand regional propane suppliers also fill tanks for purchase or exchange. However, Blue Rhino provides several advantages:

  • Wider national retail availability makes tank exchanges quick and convenient rather than waiting on delivery trucks.
  • Standardized sizing and OPD valve connections work universally across all retailers.
  • New tanks often cost slightly less than regional propane company options.
  • Strong brand recognition and reputation for consistent propane quality and safety.

For most homeowners with casual propane appliance needs, the exchange convenience and pricing of Blue Rhino can’t be beat.

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Tips for Saving Money on Blue Rhino Propane

Use these suggestions to keep your propane costs low:

  • Exchange tanks instead of buying new to save over 50% on propane costs.
  • Check stores for seasonal discounts, coupons and gift cards to lower exchange fees.
  • Buy in bulk with friends if needing many tanks for a large event or to minimize refills.
  • Use propane frugally and exchange tanks less frequently. Check tank fuel gauges.
  • Avoid last minute exchanges when demand surges during holidays and cold fronts.

Final Words

With the combination of broad national availability and budget-friendly exchange pricing, Blue Rhino delivers convenient and affordable propane fueling solutions for approximately$20 to $65, depending on your specific needs.

Conduct local price comparisons between big box, grocery, and hardware stores and take advantage of seasonal promotions to keep backyard cooking, heating, and fire feature costs in check.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much propane is in blue rhino tank?

The standard 20 lb. Blue Rhino propane tank contains approximately 17.5 lbs. of usable propane when full. The tank has a 20 lb. capacity, but the pre-installed OPD safety valve reserves 2.5 lbs. of space. This allows room for safe expansion of liquid propane into gas as the tank empties during use. Knowing your Blue Rhino has 17.5 lbs. of grilling fuel available helps gauge runtime.

How long should a Blue Rhino propane tank last?

A standard 20 lb. Blue Rhino propane tank with 17.5 lbs. of propane will typically last:

  • Grill – 4-6 hours of total runtime for an average sized backyard grill depending on usage.
  • Patio heater – 10-15 hours on a single infrared or quartz halogen bulb heater.
  • Fire pit – 10-12 hours burning on high.

Tank duration depends on the propane device, its BTU rating, and your usage habits. Monitor fuel levels with propane gas gauges. Run times reduce in cold weather. Rotate multiple tanks for uninterrupted backyard enjoyment.

Will Blue Rhino exchange expired tanks?

Blue Rhino will not exchange or refill propane tanks that are past their expiration date, which is 12 years from the manufacturing date stamped on the tank collar. Expired tanks deemed unsafe for refilling must be properly disposed of instead. Ensure you exchange propane tanks before expiration to avoid needing to repurchase new. Check the collar date periodically and plan accordingly with enough time to exchange outdated tanks. Most retailers will also not exchange expired tanks.

How Much Does A Blue Rhino Propane Tank Cost? - ThePricer Media (2024)


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