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More candidates than just D or R

With the lobbying and money laundering scandals in Congress, the buzzword on Capitol Hill these days is reform.

All of this is just talk, though, if there is no serious discussion of all candidates for Congress.

For years newspapers and broadcast stations have been the mouthpiece of the two major parties as they've told us that they are our only choices.

To read the Daily Herald over the past few years, you wouldn't know that there are independent candidates and parties that aren't Democrat or Republican, unless you read the letters page.

Thankfully some people are getting information one way or another as evidenced by the letters of support for independent candidate Bill Scheurer.

Please remember as you write your election news that there is a candidate out there that speaks for the people of Illinois' 8th Congressional District rather than the Democrats or the GOP.

I would recommend readers continue to read the Herald for news, but also look carefully for more information about candidates that may not get mentioned in those pages.

You can start with the Web site www.winwithbill.com.

I will also take this chance to mention that the Green Party is running a full slate of candidates for statewide office, including governor.

You can check them out at www.ilgp.org.

Iain Abernathy

Round Lake Beach

Don't use state funds to rebuild church

I heard on the news that Gov. Blagojevich plans on giving the Pilgrim Baptist Church that burnt down $1 million of our tax money to assist in the rebuild.

He stated that it was a historical landmark and needed the assistance to begin repairs as soon as possible. While I would normally say that it was a great gesture I have some concerns about where my portion is going.

What if I want it to go toward my own church or school? Should I have my school or church contact the governors office and ask for money? They would be laughed at if that were to occur.

While I understand how important this church was to the community and the African-American race, I'm sorry but I don't think that state money should be given to repair a church! I would assume that the church had insurance. That's what most homeowners are told to use, unless of course it's a flood and you don't have flood insurance.

Gov. Blagojevich you need to understand the separation of church and state!

Sherry Florian


Democrats are the 'unhinged' ones

Richard Cohen's column regarding the "unhinged" right wing (Daily Herald, Nov. 25, 2005) provides a "sterling" example of the left wing's inability to divest itself of its thoroughly disproved mythology.

The term "useful idiots" was not coined by Cold War antiCommunists as Cohen asserts, but by Vladimir Lenin, the Communist dictator (and mass murderer) of Russia, to describe contemporaneous American left wing academics, public "servants" and the media reporters who supported Lenin's building of an "egalitarian" paradise.

The term McCarthyite, used as a perjorative in the article, should by now be a positive political epithet, since the declassification of the Verona Project and KGB documents during the Clinton administration reveal, beyond any doubt, that there were many Soviet Communists in high government positions during FDR's tenure as president and that Joe McCarthy was unerringly right about that fact.

As to the ridiculous assertion that "Democrats haven't called Bush a liar, despite lies" (the title of the piece), have Michael Moore and his ubiquitous ideological clones left the Democrats?

Or for that matter, has Richard Cohen?

Left wing devotees to Democrat propaganda continue to ignore historical facts by habit: "It's just about sex!" (despite former President Clinton being disbarred from the Supreme Court Bar for perjury, not sex); the Founding Fathers were Deists (keep reading those wonderful high school textbooks); the recent wiretaps are illegal (despite ample judicial and Democrat presidential precedent to the contrary); the illegal war (see the facts on Clinton's "unsanctioned" Bosnian intervention), ad nauseum.

To borrow Santayana's caveat, Democrats "who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat" the broken vinyl record of revised events over and over and over again.

Exactly who is unhinged here?

S. A. Denton

Island Lake

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